New Zealand Work Visa
Visas are mandatory for working in New Zealand

Overseas passport holders who do not hold New Zealand residence MUST hold a valid and applicable work visa before they can work in New Zealand. There are a range of Work Visa policies which can be considered depending on the circumstances and only the main policies are discussed in this section. Work Visas are issued for the period of the employment offered to an initial maximum of 3 years.

To get a Work Visa, New Zealand Immigration requires all the following criteria to be satisfied (there can be additional requirements).

Applicant must be in good health and of good character
Applicant must have an offer of employment for a full time (30 hours or more per week) position which is in accordance with New Zealand employment  law
Applicant must have work experience and/or qualifications relevant to the position requirements
Employer must satisfy New Zealand Immigration and provide evidence, that they have made a genuine attempt to locate and employ New Zealand citizens or residents for the position. This normally means the position has to have been advertised with no responses from suitable candidates. The position should also be one that New Zealanders are unable to be easily trained for.
Employer should be credible and the position financially sustainable. It can be difficult to obtain work visas for positions such as those associated with customer service, cleaning, clerical, labouring and production work.
Work Visas cannot normally be issued for any positions payable by commissions only, or in self-employment (there are exceptions) or in any position within the prostitution industry. Work visas are endorsed to allow the applicant to work only in the position offered and only for the employer specified on the visa label. A new work visa application or a Variation of Conditions application is required to be approved to facilitate any change in the employment terms from those specified on the original visa label.

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work placement help :

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We will then assist you in navigating the current requirements for your Work Visa as applications has become more complex in recent times.

All care possible must be taken with your application for a New Zealand Work Visa. Necessary procedure, documentation and information is required for a successful result.

Note that Beverley International is not a recruitment agency.

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